What Is Bitcoin Cash?


Bitcoin Logo and Bitcoin Cash Logo

Entering the world of Bitcoin gambling is Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which might be new to bettors out there. In fact, what most aren’t aware of is that the new virtual currency takes its characteristics from Bitcoin Classic. What is Bitcoin Cash? We give you an in-depth look at the advantages of Bitcoin Cash and its inception in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) started out as an idea that would take away the issues of transaction processing. Oftentimes, users of Bitcoin complain about the transaction times due to the growing blocksize. Since Bitcoin is not overlooked by a central authority, changes to the code require buy-in from both developers and miners. This consensus-driven procedure can lead to lengthy transactions. Therefore, this urged groups to form their own blockchain ledgers with new standards, known as a fork. Various forks occurred in recent years but collapsed as Bitcoin was still the prevailing digital currency. However, in August 2017, Bitcoin Cash was born after another fork from Bitcoin Classic.

The workings of Bitcoin Cash

The goal of Bitcoin Cash, like Bitcoin, is to provide a decentralized, peer-to-peer mode of payment to users. Behind it is a mission to present virtual currency payments from a different angle. The primary upgrade Bitcoin Cash boasts is an increase in blocksize limit, which allows miners on the BCH chain to process more transactions. On top of that, users get the benefits of Bitcoin, such as a transparent system, fast payment processing, low processing fees, and of course, complete user anonymity.

Another significant change that comes with Bitcoin Cash is that it could accommodate first-time miners. If you’re one of those users intimidated by the volume of miners and large companies participating in mining, Bitcoin Cash offers an opportunity for beginner miners to profit due to its unique framework.

With improved transaction speeds, online gambling becomes more attractive now that certain gaming sites are venturing into the world of Bitcoin Cash payments. As more supporters commend BCH, there is no doubt that the new cryptocurrency can take off well just like Bitcoin Classic.

Bitcoin Cash as payment method for online gambling

Sharing the same characteristics with Bitcoin makes Bitcoin Cash a practical payment method for online betting. If you’re looking for a convenient way to fund your gaming accounts, simply go to BCH or Bitcoin-accepting sites. While the two co-existing makes online gambling a better place, you cannot go wrong with either of the two. Revel in the perks of crypto payments and enjoy betting unlike ever before.