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Countless people have heard of Bitcoin, a revolutionary digital currency introduced in 2008. With its technology being able to buy things online and offline, it became as valuable as gold. Now, everyone calls it “The Millennial’s Gold”. But not all are aware that the classic Bitcoin has raised itself to a higher grade—to Bitcoin Cash. Just like the pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) offers the same advantages such as the secure Bitcoin Cash wallet options, anonymity, fast transactions, and more.

Bitcoin Cash was introduced by Bitcoin miners and developers who created a new blockchain. It is a hard fork of the first digital currency, and it delivers the initial promise of Bitcoin—the peer-to-peer electronic transaction. The good thing about it is that BCH does offer unique features of its own. Get to know the new cryptocurrency by checking out Bitcoin Casino Finder’s What is Bitcoin Cash page for an in-depth look.

Bitcoin Wallet vs Bitcoin Cash Wallet

The regular Bitcoin network can process three to seven transactions per second. As an upgraded version, Bitcoin cash can support more transactions and more users. It has a larger block size limit of 8mb, which increases the speed of verification processes when you make transactions. Your Bitcoin Cash Wallet can store numerous private keys and addresses. Aside from the rapidity of the transactions, Bitcoin cash also allows much lower transaction fees and better reliability. If you treat Bitcoin as an investment rather than a transactional currency, BCH is perfect for you.

Now that we know that Bitcoin Cash is a very useful and reliable update, it is also important to understand that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are not the same. The two are separate entities. You cannot send a BCH to your Bitcoin address or vice-versa. This would result to void transactions and loss of funds. Therefore, it is essential that you also know the ins and outs of transactions and how to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash.

A Bigger and Better Wallet

A Bitcoin Cash Wallet stores the encrypted private keys offline and locally. This means that your digital funds are safely hidden from hackers and thieves doing malicious activities. You don’t even have to sync and backup your addresses and data because if lost, you have the option to freeze your account and access it from any other mobile devices you own. For prevention, you can secure your wallet by enabling additional security code and verifications using your e-mail address or mobile number.

The wide variety of choices for wallet types are still allowed and available here. The list includes paper wallets, hardware wallets, mobile wallets, and desktop wallets. But your Bitcoin Cash funds will initially be linked to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

With this, you can enjoy more gaming options having both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash-accepting gaming sites at your disposal. Be sure to check out the Bitcoin casino review pages on Bitcoin Casino Finder for a list of the best BTC and BCH casinos!

Hardware Crypto Wallets

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PointPay is a UK-regulated company which has been operating since 2018. PointPay Team has created all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem - Live Working Fiat Exchange, Live Working Fiat Wallet, and Live Payment System, Debit and Credit Cards.
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