Nitrobetting Poker Challenge

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The Nitrobetting Poker Challenge is a collection of highly-anticipated events that bring together some of the best poker players from all over the internet. The competition is intense here in Nitrobetting, especially when you consider the massive prizes at stake regardless of which level of competition you partake in.

Experience the Thrills of Competitive Poker with the Nitrobetting Poker Challenge

There are three Nitrobetting Poker Challenge events to choose from that are open to players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to improve your game, or simply looking to experience the excitement of competitive poker, these events will surely deliver the thrills and spills of top-class poker action.

Schedule of events:

Nitrobetting Poker
PTS Starting
Day Time
Daily Rookie Challenge Freeroll
15 2 5000 Daily 9:00 PM
125 mBTC GTD
Weekly All-Star Challenge Freeroll
125 12.5 5000 Sundays 9:00 PM
500 mBTC GTD
Monthly Hall of Fame Challenge Freeroll
500 50 5000 Every 30th
of the Month
7:00 PM


For beginners and newcomers to the site, they can start getting a hang of what’s in store for the higher levels of competition with Nitrobetting’s Daily Rookie Challenge Freeroll. For more seasoned players, larger prize payouts are at stake in the Weekly All-Star Challenge Freeroll, as well as the Monthly Hall of Fame Freeroll event where most of the site’s high-rollers earn their big bucks.

Massive prize pools in all three events are at stake and always on schedule, so there’s never any shortage of exciting poker action to be had in Nitrobetting. Not only that, but the site also offers quick cash games for those who want to get in some action at any time of day, as well as special poker tournaments that coincide with notable sporting events such as the Super Bowl and March Madness for even more chances to win loads of Bitcoin on the virtual poker tables!

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a chance to test your skills and strategies, and experience the thrill of competitive poker, then the Nitrobetting Poker Challenge is the perfect opportunity for you to push your poker prowess to the limit. Sign up today and start preparing for these exciting events!