Lost Vegas Slot

This slot game lets you play as Survivors or Zombies. The Lost Vegas slots theme centers on a typical brick-and-mortar Las Vegas casino that has been infected by zombies. Although, there are survivors and zombies–which are the 5 symbols you vie for. These survivors are unique and carry their own choices of weapons. There is one symbol displayed as a police officer with a pistol, gives the highest amount if a payout line combines. The lowest payout you can get is with a symbol of a man wearing a hat and carrying a golf club. In the Zombies side, the highest payout you can get is with a symbol of an Elvis Presley zombie which varies to a symbol of a zombie dressed as a nurse with an injection at her hand. This game is pretty freaky, but are you up to winning big especially using Bitcoin?

Playing Lost Vegas slots

When entering the slot game, there will be an automatic message prompt that asks you to choose between Survivor or Zombies–which is why the game is special and how the slot game differs from its competitors. The side you chose will not have an impact or difference to the slot game until the Free Spins feature. Both sides have the same amount of winning payout for each reel. In addition, the video slot is a 243 payline or in better terms, players have 243 ways to win. After learning the basics, we can now place a stake on the slots. You can do this by toggling the bet button or adjusting the coin size. In 243 paylines, you won’t have the option of choosing on how many paylines you’ll wager on. Automatically, you’re betting on 243 possible wins. This is great though, the more chances of winning, the better payout. If you’re comfortable with a number of stakes you placed, you can go ahead and hit the spin button and join the zombie apocalypse in Lost Vegas slots.

Bonuses and features

Luckily, this Microgaming creation provides alternate ways the players can win. For the Lost Vegas slot free spins, both sides have different ways of activating the free spins feature. There is a Wild symbol which functions as a substitute for all the symbols to complete a winning combination. There is also a Hazard symbol working as the scatter function. If three hazard symbols land in any position on the reels, it triggers the free spins for both sides but will have different effects on the reels once the free spins are triggered. Switching to another bonus, the Blackout Bonus will be activated randomly in both sides. Its effect on the reels will be all the symbols will award cash prizes if landed and completed a payline. Finally, the Zombie Fist of Cash will trigger by chance and will reward players with cash.

Chris - Team BCF