Vampires vs Werewolves Slot

Are you ready to experience a horrific and ghastly slot game? The tales of these mythical figures are brought into a video slot. Bram Stoker’s novel was responsible for bringing Dracula to popular culture. Count Dracula is a famous vampire figure, and according to the novel, he drinks human blood passionately, is afraid of the sun, and is threatened by garlic. Moving on to its enemy, the werewolves, are a folklore creature conceived during the middle ages. Werewolves can shape-shift into man and wolf. These creatures are believed to have a curse that casts whenever one is scratched or bitten. Vampires vs Werewolves is a game that represents both figures, which brings the thrills to your computer or mobile screens. However, what makes the Bitcoin slots game more exciting is the fact that you can fill your wallets with more bitcoins. Lock in winning combinations and end your days with bigger bankrolls.

Vampires vs Werewolves attributes

The video slot game features 5 reels and 20 paylines wrapped in a spooky and unearthly background. There is no question that this adds to the thrill of the game. Find eerie symbols as it depicts representations of vampires and werewolves, including pistols with silver bullets, daggers, wooden stakes, and garlic.

Vampires vs Werewolves slot is terrifying in a good way. If you’re up for the suspense, expect to be rewarded generously. Playing the game requires you to meet the minimum bet amount. The flexible betting amounts will welcome even first-time bettors. You can even adjust the number of paylines you want to activate. The smallest amount you can bet is 1 coin while the maximum bet for the game is 5 coins. This isn’t bad considering that it brings loads of prizes and freebies along the way.

Spooky features

On top of the already engaging visuals of this Amaya Gaming creation, you can also unlock the wild symbol and its powers. Once you see the Maiden symbol on the reels, it substitutes any other symbol in order to complete more winning paylines. Get 5 Maiden symbols on the reels and receive a massive jackpot worth 37,500 coins. Moreover, there’s a Clash Scatter symbol that can bring more chances of winning if you get it on the 1st and 5th reels, as this grants addiitonal player bonuses. Spooky? Yes. Rewarding? No question.

Kevin - Team BCF