Asia Live Tech: A New Bitcoin Casino Software Provider In Cambodia

Asia Live Tech: A New Bitcoin Casino Software Provider In CambodiaCambodian-based iGaming developer and software provider, Asia Live Tech (ALT) now offers a full-service Bitcoin casino, including a gaming license to fully operate an online gaming site within the jurisdiction of Cambodia. while also adding White Label Casino software to their range of services.

Bitcoin Casino Software

Asia Live Tech started as a brick-and-mortar casino operator and head started Lucky 89 Casino and Lucky Ruby Casino and Resort both located in Cambodia. With their new services, ALT can now provide access to these land-based casinos–especially those who have issues with a gaming license–to get started on moving up and transitioning to an online casino. ALT is the perfect supplier because they believe in a collaboration that the operators can have complete freedom to run their own casinos.

ALT believes in giving “complete freedom for operators to work on their success and give unrestricted access to their platform, software, support, and advisors, to help operators, should they need them, at every step of the process”. ALT posted a press release on their website explaining that the casinos they supply will still be the owned by the operator.

Cambodia As The New Online Gambling Hub

The new casino software provider boasts Cambodia’s hospitality when it comes to “infrastructure and experience” that makes the country a renowned venue for online gambling. ALT added in the press release. “Cambodia is renowned for its friendliness to international entrepreneurs and investors. It’s also cost-effective with low taxes and wages, allowing for numerous recruitments to support the operation and rapid growth.”

White Label Solution

With their service, the White Label Solution, the brand hopes to make things easier for operators to accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. ALT is offering a better money-saving solution that the operators can take advantage of. “The White Label Bitcoin Online Casino is a rare opportunity. Providing a cost-effective service and solution for a market eager for new, modern operators who understand it, it is also using a technology that will burst over time.” ALT said in a press release for their White Label solution service.

With the recent rise of the Bitcoin price, Asia Live Tech knows that it will have more users now and the future. With these new solutions available, the Bitcoin Casino Software and White Label Solution, operators and players alike will have the most convenient Bitcoin gambling experiences.