Why Does Asus Encourage Gamers To Mine Crypto?

Why Does Asus Encourage Gamers To Mine Crypto?Tech giant company Asus is now warming up to Bitcoin and various crypto. Joining the trend and promoting the technology, Asus encourages gamers to mine cryptocurrencies with the processing power of their graphic cards to earn crypto. The company partnered with mining app provided by Quantumcloud to expedite the process and to make transactions easier for all participants.

Software Requirements

Under the partnership, gamers can now earn “passive income” by simply providing access to their GPUs or Asus Graphic cards when they’re not using it for gaming or other PC-related functions. For gamers who want to fully invest in cryptocurrency mining, Asus released a series of mining graphic cards: the Mining-P106-6G and Mining-RX470-4G. Both are designed for coin mining with high-efficiency components and impressive hash-rate.

Mining Process

The GPUs owned by the miners will be used to collectively power cloud-based crypto miners. A percentage of these tokens mined are given to the miners based on the amount of power they provide every session.

After the mining process, miners can cash out their coins through PayPal or WeChat. Quantumcloud will not require the miners to develop unique IDs to get their earnings anymore. Additionally, they already added fiat transfers, cryptocurrency mining mix, digital wallet management, and currency conversions into the back-end of their software. Asus also assures protection with the aid of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Asus hasn’t disclosed whether they will keep a commission from the mining profits or not, as well as the minimum and maximum amount the miners can earn. However, they released a short announcement to remind the participants of the transaction: “Earning rates may change based on the performance of the cryptocurrency market and cannot be guaranteed or influenced in any way by Quantumcloud.”

Software Limitations

All cryptocurrency miners can mine individually with their GPUs or pool them together with the use of special software. However, Bitcoin and other exclusive currencies are difficult to mine with the use of standard GPUs. The complexity and difficulty of Bitcoin mining are not for regular processors. Bitcoin requires dedicated chips called Application-Specific Integrated Circuit Chips (ASICs) to be mined effectively.