Betmotion Brings Betting To A Personal Level With Player Props

Betmotion Brings Betting To A Personal Level With Player PropsBetmotion takes another step forward and launched Player Props, a brand new feature that allows customers to manipulate their betting journey. Once a member, anyone gets the power and artistic license to create and customize their own bets on the players’ performances.

With this fresh and one-of-a-kind feature, players can now select their preferred bet type, favored players, and performance conditions. It is by far the best option for bettors to combine their gaming knowledge and athlete performance statistics in one go. Betmotion will accomplish the rest of the work by instantly calculating the odds and providing a customized betting ticket once you’ve laid out all your options.

With the current competition among sportsbooks and online casinos, Betmotion is certain that Player Props will revolutionize the way people bet. Players can enjoy a new-found freedom combined with bitcoins and a wide selection of e-wallets with Betmotion. There’s no denying now that the company is among of the biggest licensed fiat and Bitcoin casino (reviews), sports, poker, and bingo online gaming website.


According to Betmotion’s Relationship Manager Mariana Whitaker, the Player Props experience is unlike any other. She shared: “Player Props gives the power to our customers to immerse themselves in a genuinely unique customer experience. Our latest feature enables users to utilize knowledge and expertise to build bets around differing sports to deliver an unrivaled betting journey.”

But how can you really utilize Player Props and maximize your betting experience aside from using Bitcoin as a payment method? Once a member, you can manipulate the following:

STATISTIC: Manipulating the statistics allows you to bet on a single player or two players combined to achieve a specific statistical performance. The best example is when a player scores 30 or more points against other players.

H2H: A head-to-head type of bet is where you select one player to outperform another for a selected statistic. It’s one player versus another in a single round. An example is when you bet on a player to have more shots on goal than another player of the same or opposing team.

TRIOS: This doesn’t pertain to three consecutive bets. Trios are similar to a horse racing trifecta bet where you select 3 players to finish in the exact order from highest to lowest for a selected statistic.