Get Ready For The Bitcoin Casino Finder Poker Freeroll Tournament

Get Ready For The Bitcoin Casino Finder Poker Freeroll TournamentBitcoin Casino Finder spruces up January 2018 with an exciting poker freeroll event. If you’re a fan of Texas hold ‘em poker, or if you simply want to enjoy playing the world’s most popular card game, then you’re more than welcome to join. Play with fellow poker lovers and get a chance to win the top prize. The event features a 0.02 BTC poker freeroll courtesy of Nitrogen Sports.

The Bitcoin Casino Finder poker freeroll tournament kicks off on January 31, Wednesday, 8 PM (UTC). Registration opens 3 hours before the event. What are you waiting for? This is your chance to play Bitcoin poker without breaking the bank.

Why Join The Bitcoin Poker Freeroll Tournament?

A Bitcoin poker freeroll is a tournament where players can participate for free, and that’s one of its biggest perks. You do not have to spend your own bitcoins to join. All you have to do is sign up for the tournament and everything’s good to go. If you’re new to Bitcoin poker, this is an opportunity to check out what makes it one of the best ways to enjoy the world-famous card game.

What makes Bitcoin Casino Finder’s poker freeroll tournament is that you get a multitude of benefits along the way. With Nitrogen Sports’ intuitive interface, poker rounds are quick, seamless, and crisp.

How To Join The Bitcoin Poker Freeroll Tournament

Are you ready to have the best poker experiences of your life? If you are, simply create a Nitrogen Sports account through Bitcoin Casino Finder. Take note that only registered players are eligible to participate. Registration starts 3 hours before the event, but you can start creating your Nitrogen Sports account as early as now. Head on over to Nitrogen Sports to view the tournament’s details.