Go Turbo With Bitcoin Casino Finder’s Poker FreeRoll

Go Turbo With Bitcoin Casino Finder’s Poker FreeRollBitcoin Casino Finder, in partnership with the leading online casino and sportsbook Nitrogen Sports, is giving away 15 mBTC monthly poker freeroll for the entire 2018. Play Texas Hold’em Poker with Bitcoins and make every month a happy new year!

The event is open to all Bitcoin poker players across the globe, no country restrictions. So wherever you are, prepare your gaming strategies and outrank your opponents. A 30 mBTC poker freeroll bonus awaits all players who wish to participate in the event. The third tournament will be held on March 30th, Friday at 8 PM (EST), and the registration opens 3 hours before the actual event.

Introduction to Bitcoin Poker Freeroll

Bitcoin poker has been around since cryptocurrency payments changed the way online casino gaming works. The introduction of a decentralized system, fast withdrawal and deposits, and free transactions became a very helpful tool for playing online poker. For this reason, Bitcoin Poker Freeroll is the perfect trial run for those who wanted to try playing online poker using for free. Nitrogen Sports allows you to play without making a single deposit to double up your money and give you a head start on this Bitcoin Poker Freeroll event. If you win the tournament, the 30 mBTC will automatically be deposited to your account for free and you can use this as a foundation for your next poker rounds.


Freeroll Terms and Conditions

To be eligible, you only need to create a Nitrogen Sports account through Bitcoin Casino Finder. No registration, no 30 mBTC. Only registered players are allowed to enter the competition. You’ll be pleased to know that the poker game has no limits if you wish to play for the entire year, Nitrogen Sports has no caps or minimum bets for Texas Hold’em and players can go all in any time they want. Although for maximum bets, there’s a capping since we don’t want you to lose all your digital funds lest you make a mistake.

Again, the registration opens hours before the event starts, but if you feel like you’re missing out and craving for detailed updates, you can visit Nitrogen Sports and Bitcoin Casino Finder anytime you want to check the status of the tournament.