Face Off: Bitcoin Casinos vs Las Vegas Casinos

Face Off: Bitcoin Casinos vs Las Vegas CasinosSince Bitcoin made its mark as a valuable payment channel, Bitcoin casino sites became even more popular in the gambling community, successfully beating brick and mortar casinos in terms of revenue and popularity. But, its biggest competitor yet is Las Vegas or the “Sin City” which is well-known throughout the world as the top destination for 24/7 casinos, themed hotels, and all-out entertainment.

Bitcoin Casinos vs Las Vegas Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are a product of innovation. On these platforms, you can win crypto and easily convert it to cash without getting troubled by financial institutions and taxation fees. You can also play at the comfort of your own home without distractions. But, there’s more to these products and services than what meets the eye. The biggest selling point of Bitcoin gambling that can rival Las Vegas casino highlights the house edge.

Bitcoin games have a relatively low house edge, making it popular among casual and experienced casino players. Some Bitcoin games can offer a house edge of less than 0.5%, a percentage that no player will find at traditional casinos in Vegas. Comparing the said house edge to American roulette offered by standard casinos, the house edge might go over 5%. As a result, bettors might not make the most out of their bets.

Meanwhile, the taxation fees and requirements in Vegas or the Atlantic city are also shouldered by the casinos and its players. Customers also have to spend on tips, drinks, and other services the casino might offer. These additional offers might serve as a distraction which takes off players’ focus on the games. After all, a drunk gambler is just as bad as a losing gambler. Meanwhile, Bitcoin gaming sites, which can be run at lower costs, can give away more freebies and special Bitcoin casino bonuses.

Without the need to travel as well as the absence of distractions, you can heavily focus on crafting your gaming strategies. The element of luck is still on the table and it has a special role in the gaming process, but a lower house edge can give you a push. There’s no guaranteed profit in gambling, but Bitcoin can somehow diminish the risk involved. You can have total control of the situation with just your smartphone or computer.