Bitcoin Casinos vs Traditional Casinos

Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin in 2009, but it only became relevant in the world of online casinos two years after its emergence. Both online casino players and operators immediately warmed up to it because it has no central authority and features unique payment properties other crypto and fiat currencies cannot offer. It now rivals all types of online casinos and provides a more unique experience to new and seasoned bettors.

Types of Online Casinos

  1. Classic Online Casinos – these are the standard online betting operators that accept only the major fiat currencies: dollars, euro, pounds, yen, and more. Regardless, most of these platforms are still up and running because there are bettors who prefer their easily-accessible payment systems
  2. Fiat and Crypto Casinos – these are sites that accept both crypto and fiat as a mode of payment. Here, users are allowed to deposit and withdraw funds through any payment system and provider. Some sites even allow players to deposit through fiat and convert it to cryptocurrency upon withdrawal.
  3. Exclusive Bitcoin Casinos – as the name suggests, this type of casino only offer Bitcoin as the main payment option. Players are only allowed to bet, deposit, and withdraw through Bitcoins. These casinos are known for giving away generous bonuses and promotions as Bitcoin betting currently occupies the majority of the gaming industry revenue.

Based on the list of online casinos you can try, it’s evident that Exclusive Bitcoin Casinos are the most suitable platform for new and existing users who want to have excellent online betting experiences. However, there are still criteria that you need to consider before registering on one. These criteria can be found on the list below.

  • Gaming License – every online casino today is required to obtain license from reputable gambling control boards handling the company’s region. This is to ensure that the casino strictly follows the gambling laws in the area.
  • High-Quality Betting Software – aside from the company behind the casino, you should also check the third-party betting software working with them. The most popular and reputable ones in the market are NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech.
  • Online Reputation – the reputability of the online casino is not only based on its licenses, you still need to check what the gaming community has to say about its products and services. Read Bitcoin sportsbook reviews, feedbacks, forums, and comments regarding the betting site to know more about what they can offer you.