Bitcoin Games Accepts Deposits And Withdrawals In Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Games Accepts Deposits And Withdrawals In Bitcoin CashBitcoin Games is an online casino that exclusively accommodates Bitcoin payments. But that is no longer the case. The Bitcoin casino will now accept deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

With this, players can easily integrate their betting funds into one wallet. Since most Bitcoin wallets support other cryptocurrencies, transitioning to Bitcoin Cash is an easy task. Players have the option of keeping their winnings in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin Games is a proven and tested online casino. All of the games are provably fair and are certified by thorough audits and testing. You can find proper Bitcoin casino games on the site such as video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots, and dice games. Also, the casino offers playing advantages for its users. This includes no registration and the ability to use an anonymous account with no ties to personal information. Players also have the benefit of instant payouts and deposits and mobile gaming. These are part of the features of Bitcoin, which you get every time you play on Bitcoin Games or top Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin Cash Has The Same Advantages As Bitcoin

Furthermore, Bitcoin Cash—as a Bitcoin fork descendant—offers the same advantages that Bitcoin provides. If you held Bitcoin before the August fork, you’re entitled to the 1:1 BCH value ratio. Should you want to test the waters of Bitcoin gambling, you can do so by using the free Bitcoin Cash that you received after the fork. This way, you make the best out of crypto betting by playing for free minus the risk of depleting your bankrolls. Fortunately, a lot of Bitcoin casinos now accepts Bitcoin Cash deposits. In which you can deposit directly to the Bitcoin casino by looking for the website’s Bitcoin Cash address or a QR code for a much more accessible method.

Perfect Time To Enjoy Crypto Betting

Moreover, placing money on Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash is much more plausible now because of the strong prices. Bitcoin Cash is currently hovering at around $1,660 while Bitcoin is around $11,000. You can expect to make an investment as the price will eventually go up again. For now, you can start building your bankrolls by betting on your favorite casino games. Win bets, multiply your bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash, and have the time of your life!