Casino Web Scripts Releases Three New Crypto-Based Games

Gaming and software provider Casino Web Scripts is recognized for its interactive and blockbuster cryptocurrency-based creations. Following the massive success of their 2018 cryptocurrency-themed slot, Bitcoin Billion, the developer added a new set of cryptocurrency games to their portfolio this year. The new titles are Minesweeper-inspired fiat and Bitcoin dice and guessing games.

Crypto DiceOMeter

Crypto DiceOMeter is a new dice game perfect for cryptocurrency users who love provably fair games. Adding to its crypto features are the user-friendly mechanics and impressive animations of the game. Any novice casino player can try the game and get the hang of it in no time.

The objective is to successfully guess the correct sum of the given set of dice on the screen. Although the system is not looking for the exact sum, your answer must fall within the range you select before the dice are thrown.

Crypto DiceOmeter is available for purchase at Casino Web Script’s platform. Fiat and Bitcoin casinos that want to start or improve their gaming portfolios can purchase the game with or without source codes. Crypto DiceOMeter can be purchased as is or as a bundle together with other cryptocurrency-based games at Casino Web Scripts.

Crypto Persian Prince

Crypto Persian is an exciting guessing game for players whose luck are always by their side. The game’s theme is inspired by the tales of Arabian Nights, a collection of stories where Disney’s Aladdin was born. The objective of the game is to find and reveal the magic lamps on the screen. Players are inclined to reveal as many as they can. You lose if you stumble upon a thief. You win if you hit the jackpot.

Rock Paper Scissors Tile-Adventures

The game Rock Paper Scissors is similar to Crypto Persian Prince, except it features a different theme. If you know the actual Rock Paper Scissors traditional game, then you’ll find the this easy to play. One tile per set will be revealed in the game, and you have to open another tile that will beat the icon revealed. Remember that rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, and scissors beat paper. For every win you make, you receive credits. The game goes on and on until you collect your earnings.