Making History: Cloudbet First To Launch Bitcoin Cash

Making History: Cloudbet First To Launch Bitcoin CashEver since crypto was introduced to the world, Bitcoin casino sites sites started to emerge and traditional casinos started to introduce digital payments as one of the channels accepted. Today’s most prominent Bitcoin sportsbook and casino, Cloudbet, had done the same after the benefits of cryptocurrencies touched the lives of many individuals in the gaming industry. And to follow the continuous innovation of these digital coins, Cloudbet has a surprise for all Bitcoin users!


Cloudbet finally launched Bitcoin Cash for all qualifying players or anyone who has Bitcoins in their Cloudbet accounts since August 1, 2017, the day the hard fork occurred. Users will now receive the exact same amount of digital funds in Bitcoin Cash should they wish to use it or transfer the funds to their Bitcoin Cash wallet. For those thinking about what is Bitcoin Cash and what benefits can it bring, it basically hols characteristics that resemble the pioneer of cryptocurrencies–Bitcoin.

This movement shows that Cloudbet is open to any innovation available in the market to provide players the best service there is. Beyond everything, they are the first Bitcoin sportsbook to take this step. When asked about the launch, Cloudbet’s Head of Acquisition Mirio Mella said: “The creation of derivative Bitcoin products in what is termed ‘forks’ has both practical and political implications. Cloudbet focuses on the practical; players want fast, cheap and reliable transactions, and BCH offers a great alternative to BTC. We have no position on the politics but instead, are having fun with the Star Wars fork theme and will leave it to others to decide who is the Empire and who are the Freedom Fighting Rebels.” Honoring Bitcoin Cash is gaining the players’ trust. May the fork be with you, indeed.

Cloudbet will use the timestamp of the last common BTC block (478558) to calculate the users’ current balances in Bitcoin, hence the stated date. To check the accounts, players should log in to Cloudbet and choose Bitcoin Cash as their ‘Active’ currency. The fork funds that are due in one’s account will be added to the balance.


As might be expected, Cloudbet simultaneously launched Bitcoin Cash betting. Once the fork funds are confirmed, players can start betting by clicking the ‘Deposit’ button and copying the BCH address (or QR code for Mobile) from the exchange address or wallet. No need for you to learn how to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash at this point as you basically receive the BCH funds directly from Cloudbet. After that just hit the “Send” button and wait for the confirmation. Bitcoin Cash can be used for Random Number Generator games from Betsoft, Spinomenal, and Microgaming; and for Live Casino and sports from Vivo, Evolution, and Ezugi.