CryptoFriends Organizes Malta Blockchain Summit

CryptoFriends Organizes Malta Blockchain SummitThe upcoming Malta Blockchain Summit on November 2018 will now focus on the blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) calendar. Aside from the melting pot of industry’s global influencers, await the signature touch of CryptoFriends for the actual conferences and meetings.

CryptoFriends is composed of blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals with a wide global network connection in the industry. They are experts at organizing high‑end blockchain‑related events like meetups, hackaton‑like festivals, Initial Coin Offering pitches, and conferences. Their partnership with the Malta Blockchain Summit guarantees a successful chain of events for the speakers and the participants. The event will feature a Hackathon with 60 developers (under 12 teams) comprise of computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and more. For the informative part, companies from all over the world and panelists in the business officiating proceedings will make history through a competitive ICO pitch. All in all, both these programs have a goal to test the freshness and dynamism of the people in the cryptocurrency-driven industry.

The Malta Blockchain Summit will also include featured conferences, spearheaded by professional speakers who will focus on the significance of Blockchain for all types of industries and its stand on today’s emerging technology. And in addition to promoting the Blockchain Technology in the Malta Blockchain Summit, CryptoFriends planned a series of monthly “Blockchain parties and meetups” for the entire summer. Each event will take place at different Mediterranean island venues.


June 23rd: CryptoFriends Birthday party at Hugo’s terrace Malta

August 24th: CRYPTOiGathering party at the Barracuda Restaurant

September 21st: CRYPTOiGathering party at the Sheer Bastion

November 1st-2nd: Malta Blockchain Summit at the InterContintal Malta Hotel

Malta’s commitment to being the first global venue for blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses is exemplary. Its partnership with CryptoFriends will surely bring more successes in the future. To further explain the partnership, here are the words of Co-Founder and CEO of CryptoFriends, Daria Arefieva: “We are extremely delighted to partner with the Malta Blockchain Summit. Thanks to its progressive and positive attitude towards blockchain technology and sensible industry regulation, Malta is fast becoming one of the leading nations for blockchain in Europe, if not the world. This summit is an exciting opportunity for anyone operating in the space to come and see how this beautiful island is embracing our industry, seek out new business opportunities and grow their network. CryptoFriends is all about building smart connections in the crypto space and we are looking forward to bringing our passion, expertise and unique twist on blockchain events to Malta.”