Evolution Gaming Continues Strong Following With More New Players

Evolution Gaming Continues Strong Following With More New PlayersAward-winning gaming developer Evolution Gaming is here to bring some good news. The developer saw tremendous growth this March, noticing that the majority of its new customers have transitioned from sports betting to live dealer games. This will further improve Evolution Gaming’s 79% year-on-year increase in profit amounting to €149.7m ($159.5m) last year.

Evolution Gaming CEO Martin Carlesund announced the news this week, recognizing the effort of the team and the support of its customers. In a press release, Carlesund saud: “It’s a turbulent time and it’s inevitable COVID-19 also impacts our business, but all employees are now doing a hard and fantastic job. We have a strong financial position and, in the midst of all this, we experience high demand for our live casino.”

The Shift

Several cities from different countries have closed their borders and imposed a city-wide lockdown to prevent further spread of the virus. More than that, sports leagues have been canceling major events. As expected, players from brick and mortar casinos have no place to go if they want to pass the time, and sports fans have no live and upcoming markets to bet on. This is when the shift started.

Online operators, notably Evolution Gaming, saw an increase in traffic and profit when brick and mortar casinos closed their doors to players and when major sports leagues like the NBA and MLB canceled their ongoing seasons. Stay-at-home players have found their safe haven in live casino games in which Evolution Gaming is the current market leader.

Although this is a challenging time for sports betting sites, fiat and Bitcoin casinos have a way to keep the industry thriving.

Precautionary Measures

The team behind Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games works tirelessly to prevent the closure and disruption of its live dealer facilities—the only way to provide stay-at-home players a profit-making and entertaining experience amid the outbreak.

In each studio covering live-dealer games, Evolution Gaming made sure that “disinfecting, staff separation and social distancing” are all being practiced. All present staff is being monitored to gauge their temperature level every day.