Going Beyond Limits: From Bitcoin Games To Global Markets

Going Beyond Limits: From Bitcoin Games To Global MarketsGambling is an old past time, but online gambling is a completely different matter—a revolutionary take to the practice you’ve come to know. It all started when Bitcoin was introduced to take part in the innovation of casino games. Online casinos operators then saw another opportunity to expand their services and introduce Bitcoin-powered casino games on their portfolio.

Bitcoin casino games give you another level of comfort and enjoyment. In here, the main selling point is the currency used and the way the payment process is handled. You can make bets wherever you are in the world as the games are completely unrestricted, safe, and secure. Because of these casinos, cryptocurrencies started getting global media attention—Japan, Canada, and Germany started approving laws in favor of cryptocurrencies; the United Kingdom and the United States, in more ways than one, started regulating cryptocurrencies. More than that Bitcoin casinos offer the same level of diversity as any other online casino out there. You can freely play Bitcoin slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, jackpot games, baccarat, and more.

Adoption of Cryptocurrency For Gaming

Many gaming brands, software providers, and developers are now warming up to cryptocurrency to speed up transactions, allow global financial trading, and address some software-related issues.

One example is Atari, a French arcade gaming company. Atari is set to introduce a blockchain-based digital entertainment platform powered by their own cryptocurrency called the Atari Token, and allow their online Atari games to run on other major cryptocurrencies.

Concurrently, other digital platforms explore the potential of crypto to provide more online innovative features and monetize gameplay. This is a feature initially introduced by Twitch streamers and YouTube personalities popular in the world of competitive gaming. A profile with a huge following can integrate cryptocurrencies into a game and other users can earn from their own gameplay.

Global Adoption For Business Transactions

Cryptocurrencies have also penetrated giant business inside and outside the Internet. Different industries have found out about the many uses of Bitcoin, altcoins, and other smart tokens.

Technology company Microsoft is one of the first adopters of Bitcoin. They accepted cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment in 2014, and e-commerce businesses and payment companies like Newegg, Alza, PayPal, and Shopify followed the movement.

Cryptocurrencies also found a home in unusual places. In Ireland, Digitalcomp and Lottoland Ireland launched the world’s first physical Bitcoin lottery. Residents in the area can win massive prizes by joining traditional lottos. The game uses blockchain as a way to transfer the currencies won by the players.

The global expansion of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are surely not limited to online casinos, tech companies, and physical gambling. There are still several companies and developers working on how to fully integrate these coins on their products and services to create more innovative features.