How Realistic Content Drives Today’s Bitcoin Casinos

How Realistic Content Drives Today's Bitcoin CasinosBitcoin casinos are not exactly new. They have been in the industry for almost almost a decade now. And these years in business tested the maturity and flexibility of crypto and online gaming. Operators and developers learned to adapt to the ever-evolving world of web-based gaming by providing realistic casino solutions.

Live Casino Content

Roulette and blackjack are two of the first two games available on live dealer platforms. They revolutionized the way people bet on table games, so it was well-received by the gaming community. After the success of the two games, more developers found new ways to incorporate live gaming to other casino variants like poker, dice, and keno.

Live casino content comes with live and real dealers, high-tech gaming software, live cameras, real-time payment systems, and realistic graphics. That’s why it’s no wonder many gamblers prefer it over standard casino games.

But surprisingly, game features are not the only factors affecting the popularity of live casinos. According to Mark D. Griffiths from Psychology Today, the preference has something to do with stigma: “In online live casino gaming, the anonymity of the Internet allows players to privately engage in gambling without the fear of stigma. This anonymity may also provide the gambler with a greater sense of perceived control over the content, tone, and nature of the online experience.”

Virtual Reality (VR) Casino Games

The introduction of VR games created a new, and fresh market. Online casino developers saw the potential of this particular technology. One of the prominent casino developers that adapted VR is NetEnt. In 2017, the company released its first-ever, real-money VR slot entitled Jack’s World slot.

The slot game offers a realistic, 3D environment that players can manipulate. The mechanics are pretty much the same as other NetEnt’s slot titles, but the experience defines the difference. When players hit the spin button at Jack’s World slot, they’ll be transported into the game.

Millenial-Centered Casinos

Several studies confirm that millennials are drawn to games with interesting themes and mechanics. They want to play a game that can give them unique experiences, so they won’t spend a second playing casino games with traditional approaches. According to Insights Association, “Millennials want to be part of defining the experiences they consume. They are not passive consumers; they are explicitly active participants. This desire to influence an outcome within a highly social and interactive environment is in direct conflict with the traditional layout of casinos.”

With that, many online casino developers today always consider the preference of their target audience, particularly young consumers or millennials over 18 years of age.