Ignition Casino Launches New Dice Game: Roll The Dice

Ignition Casino Launches New Dice Game: Roll The DiceRev up your engines and buckle up as the ride is about to get really more exciting. Ignition Casino recently introduces a new Bitcoin dice game called Roll the Dice. Ignition did not just create another traditional dice game here. The betting site based the new game on the Chinese dice game, Hoo Hey How–which translates to Fish Prawn Crab. Although some might find the name strange, there is a deeper meaning to it. Playing Roll the Dice may need luck as winning can only be achieved if you bet on the correct roll outcome.

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Before we get to talking about how the Chinese dice game is played, let us tell you about Hoo Hey How first. The game originated from the province of Fujian and again, is translated to Fish Prawn Crab. And yes, those three names are relevant to the game. In Hoo Hey How, there are three dices that have symbols instead of numbers. And you guessed it right, the Fish, Prawn, and Crab are symbols on the dices, along with Coin, Rooster, Crab, and Calabash.

Playing the fiat and Bitcoin dice game is fairly simple. You can start rolling by dragging or tapping the bowl.  Of course, you have to place a bet on any of the symbols. In fact, you can place multiple bets until you are satisfied. You then have to roll the corresponding symbols that you placed bets on in order to win prizes.


Roll the Dice offers good payout possibilities. You can get a single payout or 1:1 if the symbol you bet on shows up on one of the three dice you just rolled. You can get a double payout or 2:2 if the symbols you bet on show up on two dices. Lastly, you can get the best payout of triple payout if the symbols you bet on shows up on all three dice.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can also try the 30:1 payout or the Any Triple. If you bet on this jackpot and you roll the perfect three matching symbols, you’ll be rewarded with a whopping 30:1 payout.

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Ignition Casino is a gaming site that accepts payments in Bitcoin, which the perfect medium for betting enthusiasts. Not only that, the site also accepts US players and has a huge selection of casino games you can choose from. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the many perks of Bitcoin and the casino games that await you!