Making Money From Bitcoin & Ethereum The Millenial Way

Making Money From Bitcoin & Ethereum The Millenial WayMillenials are considered as multitaskers and tech-savvy. They are a new generation of employees, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. That’s why it’s no wonder that a part of this circle unlock ways to make money through online games and online gambling— two of today’s thriving industries. On top of that, they’re also resorting more to Bitcoin and Ethereum than any other type of cryptocurrency in making transactions and developing new platforms.

The Need For Cryptocurrency In Gaming

The online casino community continues to spark interest thanks to the introduction of new features and innovations. People also begin to prefer betting at home now due to its convenience. Gone are the days of traveling to the nearest brick-and-mortar casino. Most importantly, the practice is not as strict as before. There are countries and laws that govern and regulate online gambling better today.

With the growing market of reputable crypto casinos, the need for cryptocurrency has increased. It all started with the invention of Bitcoin, and the whole ecosystem expanded as time went by. We now have more than 1800 virtual coins and smart tokens in existence–with Bitcoin hodling the largest market capitalization and the biggest blockchain network, while Ethereum currently follows its footsteps. Both coins are now utilized by online gamblers and casino for deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Businesses Based On Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are often used by Millenials for online betting. They benefit from its transaction features for anonymous betting and quick transactions. But there’s actually a more guaranteed way to make money out of it, one can also start a business by making betting games using cryptocurrencies.

After the global market crash, the concept of using crypto for making gambling games rose to popularity in 2009. Evidently, it was an alternative payment medium for deposit and withdrawals in various online casinos until people discovered its potential to create crypto-powered games. Players, software developers, and casino operators suddenly had an unspoken mutual agreement to start creating interactive casinos using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several altcoins.

Recently, OneHash, an independent mutual betting service for Millennials, launched a new set of Bitcoin-powered gaming services dubbed as Moon and Goals. The game is based on the popular hawk-dove and chicken-model game. Following Bitcoin, a young entrepreneur from South Korea, James Martin Duffy, launched CryptoZombies, an Ethereum DApp platform that features an interactive code school that teaches users to write smart contracts in Solidity by building crypto-collectibles.