NetEnt Launches Starburst Powerpots, A New Jackpot System

NetEnt Launches Starburst Powerpots, A New Jackpot SystemNetEnt’s Starburst slot is a classic favorite in the online gaming community. During the time of its release, the fiat and Bitcoin slot game is the only one of its kind to offer superb graphics and innovative bonus features. So, to pay tribute to one of its iconic games, NetEnt is expanding the brand through the launch of Starburst PowerPots, a community jackpot system where players can collect tokens and prizes across various titles.

Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Games, announced the new promotion on the developer’s official news site: “Starburst PowerPots was developed in line with our customers’ and players’ expectations, taking cue on everything from art assets to mechanics. We are using leading-edge games design approaches to make this jackpot family with our most powerful games simple to understand yet compelling. Using the Starburst brand will create massive acquisition while these jackpot mechanics will drive huge engagement for players.”

Jackpot Mechanics

NetEnt has always been known for its excellent variety of progressive jackpot slots. But the developer aims to take its innovation to the next level with the help of the gaming community. Starburst PowerPots is open to all players, NetEnt’s platforms, and partner fiat and Bitcoin casinos.

All NetEnt’s top-performing titles are included in the pot, but casino operators can configure how their offerings will be played based on the RTP, prize setups, prize pool contributions, major jackpots, and user-interface. They have the freedom to choose the slot titles and the jackpot prizes to match their casino brand. Starburst PowerPots can fit into any portfolio to deliver a flexible and customizable player experience.

Players who want to fill the pot, receive tokens, and hit the biggest jackpot can play different slots on any casino operator with NetEnt selection. When the pot is triggered, all players with contributions will receive their share of the pool—everyone goes home a winner. Even offline players will receive prizes on their accounts when the jackpot drops.

Starburst PowerPots rewards players for their time and effort to play games and fill the pot. It’s not just pure luck. NetEnt hopes that a product with fair gaming mechanics and simple engineering will bring the community together.