NitrogenSports Launches Big BTC Pot For 13 Consecutive 7s

NitrogenSports Launches Big BTC Pot For 13 Consecutive 7sMany online betting and gaming sites are embracing the benefits of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. But only Nitrogen Sports has decided to use it as an advantage for players when they test their luck on casino games. Introduced in 2012, the leading Bitcoin-exclusive sportsbook, poker, and online casino continues to expand the horizon of players and the gambling community as it recently announced the launch of a new and bigger jackpot on its provably fair dice game: Roll 13 consecutive 7s, hit the Jackpot, and win huge BTC prizes.

The probability of winning the lots and lots of bitcoins is a few steps closer now since anyone can win the Jackpot. As long as the lucky number 7 appeared 13 times on the dice, expect big rewards to come your way.


The relatively new Bitcoin dice game is carefully designed using the main themes of the website, white and red. It is not like the traditional dice games—it’s digital and the values are to be set between 0 and 99.99. The current version of the game features the auto-roller function where players no longer need to click the mouse repeatedly in order to roll the dice. All they need to do is set up the number of rolls on the program and wait for the result. Players can also see the status of their bets, all bets, high rollers, top 7 streaks, and recent jackpots on the platform.

The Bitcoin casino provably fair dice game operates with a 1% house edge for more chances of safe and sure winnings–players are ought to receive the remaining 99% of the total winnings. When the Jackpot is over 3650 mBTC, it automatically becomes mathematically profitable to bet. Anyone can make the most out of their Bitcoin funds if the house edge is as low as NitrogenSports dice game’s. Moreover, to give you even better control over the result, NitrogenSports allows manipulation of several adjustable fields such as the bet amount for the next roll, the chances of winning between 0.01 and 98.0, the payout odds that will be applied to the next round, the lower (below 50.49) or higher (above 50.49) results. The adjustments, however, requires a minimum bet of 0.001 BTC.