Sports Betting USA 2017: Debut Conference To Solve Industry Issues

Sports Betting USA 2017: Debut Conference To Solve Industry IssuesThe first-ever sports betting conference will commence on November 14-15, 2017 at the Convene Conference Center in New York City. The debut conference is spearheaded by Clarion Gaming, an events organizer also known for organizing iGaming conferences and conventions.

Sports Betting USA 2017

As sports betting around the world becomes gloomed by legal restrictions routinely and as the hearing for the 1992 Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) draws closer, people in the industry aims to face these issues as one of the key agenda in the conference–to look for a solution, aspiring to make sports betting less restrictive.

The conference’s goal is to debunk the usual conceptions of the sports betting industry’s morality, and also provide a platform to find better ways for better revenue strategies and fan to celebrities interactions. Most importantly, having a regulated market will drive more interest and get the attention of new sports betting operators.

Conference agenda

Going into the specific topics of the two-day conference, attendees can converse about sports betting, market evolution since PASPA, sports integrity, data monetization, enhanced viewership and engagement, the path to legalization, and sports betting lite and routes to market. Besides the agenda, if you’re looking to create networks and build relationship among the industry, attendees will come from sports leagues and teams, TV networks, casino operators, regulators and lawmakers, licensed sports books, and lastly, software and platform providers.

The debut launch of Sports Betting USA Conference will be great to build networks and to learn about the industry while sharing ideas and exploring the sports betting world.

Bitcoin Solves Sports Betting Issues

The conference’s issues seem to overlook cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and virtual currencies appear to solve the sports betting issues. Bitcoin’s nature can bring advantages to its users. For example, Bitcoin is anonymous, and this takes one step further to solve legal issues that restrict the use of fiat currencies. Welcoming Bitcoin as a payment method benefits both operators and players along with the many benefits that it brings. In addition to this, Bitcoin’s recent surge up to more than $7,000 makes it a good investment as well. Finally, the cryptocurrency looks like it has a place in the future with more operators starting to adopt the decentralized payment system. There is no denying that Bitcoin is making a name for itself in the sports betting and iGaming industry, and this should serve as a sign for existing sports betting sites that want to expand their market. Bitcoin sports betting does not have to overtake traditional sportsbooks. In fact, it can work hand in hand with other fiat payments for better accessibility and convenience.