Weekly Roundup: This Week’s News In And Around The World Of Crypto

Weekly Roundup: This Week’s News In And Around The World Of CryptoMaking Money From Bitcoin And Ethereum The Millennial Way

Recently, OneHash, an independent mutual betting service for Millennials, launched a new set of Bitcoin-powered gaming services dubbed as Moon and Goals. The game is based on the popular hawk-dove and chicken-model game. Following Bitcoin, a young entrepreneur from South Korea, James Martin Duffy, launched CryptoZombies, an Ethereum DApp platform that features an interactive code school that teaches users to write smart contracts in Solidity by building crypto-collectibles.


Bitcoin Gambling Made Easy With Dice and Casual Games

Bitcoin made it possible for online casinos to become a one-stop shop. You can almost find every game you’re looking for on the Internet as all game varieties in Bitcoin-powered casinos are categorized in multiple selections. However, the most raved-about categories today remain to be dice and casual games.

Dice is considered as the purest form of gambling because of its precise and accurate levels of risk and reward. Most games have a fixed house edge, but their rate is very competitive when you play Bitcoin dice. Sometimes, you can find a house edge of 0.5%. But almost all Bitcoin dice games typically offer a house edge of 1% or less.


FunFair’s Jez San Shares Plans To Build Blockchain Casinos

Jeremy Elliott “Jez” San, an English game programmer and entrepreneur who co-founded FunFair Technologies, shares his new mission to build better online casinos with blockchain. Jez San considers blockchain and Bitcoin casinos as an opportunity to unveil the true potentials of the innovation in iGaming.

FunFair Technologies, with the help of “Jez” San, continuously seek ways to address the main issues frequently encountered by online casino players. Their main goals are to innovate casinos, promote the blockchain technology, and educate users and operators about the innovation.


4 Bitcoin Casino Card Games You Can Play This Christmas

There are hundreds of great card games online for adults to play at get-togethers or special occasions, but the good thing is that you can even make benefit from these if you look for online casinos offering Bitcoin card games. Hit the jackpot, win big, and have fun playing our top 4 card games during the holidays: Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Rummy.


Asus Encourages Gamers To Mine Cryptocurrencies

Tech giant company Asus is now warming up to cryptocurrencies. Joining the trend and promoting the technology, Asus encourages gamers to mine cryptocurrencies with the processing power of their graphic cards to earn some profit. The company partnered with mining app provided by Quantumcloud to expedite the process and to make transactions easier for the participants.

The GPUs owned by the miners will be used to collectively power cloud-based crypto miners to generate profit on the network. A percentage of these tokens mined are given to the miners based on the amount of power they provide every session.


Pragmatic Play Releases Leprechaun Carol Slot For Christmas

Leading online casino developer Pragmatic Play unveiled their new video slot just in time for Christmas: The Leprechaun Carol. You can now enjoy the holidays while winning Bitcoins online. Accompany your traditional holidays with jackpots, free spins, and mischievous characters.