What Is RTP And How Can It Help You Win More Bitcoins?

What Is RTP And How Can It Help You Win More Bitcoins?If you’re serious about winning and Bitcoin slots is your thing, finding which games offer the best return-to-player (RTP) ratings is one of the few skills that can easily bring in big wins.

By pinpointing slots that have a higher RTP, you stand a better chance of locking in winning combinations on every spin. This means you get longer playing stints with even more opportunities to secure the biggest jackpot from a special bonus or giant line win combos.

What is RTP?

Return-to-Player Rating is a feature that every slot game possesses. Every slot game fiat and Bitcoin software providers produce will highlight its return-to-player rating. It refers to the amount of money a player should get on average on every spin.

For example, a slot with 80 percent RTP, for every 1 unit you bet, you get 0.80 in return as winnings. While this isn’t exactly how slots operate, it gives off a glimpse of an average. If you looked at how much was bet over a wide range of sample and how much was paid out, eventually the variance will even out, and the casino’s winnings should be roughly 90 percent of the total wager on that slot machine.

Game developers and providers will modify special features, the value of each symbol, and payout combinations to arrive at an RTP that offers a reasonable incentive for players but still make them a good two or more percentage of each bet on average.

Ultimately, when choosing a slot game, you want to look at titles that offer a large return-to-player rating. Anything over 96 percent is reasonable, while games that offer numbers over 98 percent is exceptional.

Important things to note

Say you’ve claimed your first Bitcoin free spins bonus, and the terms and conditions state that you have to wager your winnings 10 times on eligible games. Of course, your initial thought might be to go through the casino’s Bitcoin slot collection and find a game that sports a 98 percent RTP. It’s a good idea, yes. However, Bitcoin casinos would predict that most free spins users would do that, so many pull out their highest RTP slots from the wagering conditions. There are instances when the most attractive games will contribute a total percentage of the total wagering, while others contribute nothing. Additionally, slots excluded from such promotions will reflect in the promotion’s terms and conditions.

Last but not least, for the best RTP slots, make sure you check out the following software providers: NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming.