Zero Edge Utilizes The Blockchain To Solve Online Gambling Issues

Zero Edge Utilizes The Blockchain To Solve Online Gambling IssuesThe online gaming industry faces several challenges today since the modern gambling market became a big contributor to its revenues. A wide array of issues are being dropped like a bomb in every online casino operator and they have no way of knowing how to fix these things right away. Complaints in data protection, unfair house edge, lack of transparency, inaccurate odds calculation, expensive transaction fees, and fraudulent activities are the most common so far.

It is finally time to say that the iGaming needs a revamp and these issues could only be fixed using the blockchain technology. Casino operators can easily say that the players should trust them, but some get away with issues without doing anything to improve their services. With the blockchain’s decentralized ledger, the chances of other people committing fraudulent activities are down to zero since the smart contract feature of the tech removes the probability of disputes by recording and validating all bets and activities on the public ledger. After solving this crucial problem, the rest will go smoothly.


Leading this movement is Zero Edge Bitcoin platform, which shares their services to other cryptocurrencies as well. The goal is to bring complete solutions to online casinos facing these problems by using the blockchain technology. There will be full transparency with smart contracts when betting and performing transaction, 0% house edge that gives an advantage to new and long-time players, and organic and true odds for every game. Zero Edge offers every player a chance to beat the house and emerge a winner.

Some might say that the vision and mission of Zero Edge is a shot in the dark, considering the size of the gambling industry and the problems coming and going every day. But Zero Edge is certain that they are not only going to revolutionize the industry, but also bring more companies to discover the what the blockchain can do. As for the existing casino companies who want to venture the world of Bitcoin gambling, the best option for them is to partner with Zero Edge platform (based on Ethereum) and ignore the use of fiat currencies altogether. By doing so, they would no longer need to process licenses and they could take advantage of the cheap start-up costs and speedy website launch.